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1984, 2001, 24, 80's music, a silver mt. zion, abominations, acoustic guitar, arthur c. clarke, back to the future, being loved, being proved wrong, blood, brainwashing, chinese food, chomsky, christianity, coheed and cambria, comfort, compliments, computers, counseling the hurting, crying, dark city, desire, disasters (natural and otherwise), disease, distortion, dune, dying, electric guitar, escape, everything, existenz, failing, falling in love, family guy, fear, feeling alienated, feeling worthless, feelings, fight club, fighting, fire, freeware, gadgets, girls who like sci-fi, girls who tolerate sci-fi, girls with pale skin, girls with pretty eyes, god, godspeed you black emperor, godspeed you black emperor!, guitar, haiti, happiness, happy children, hatred, helping others, heresy, hiding, hopelessness, imitating christ, introversion, jealousy, kindness, kissing, lies, linux, lips, literature, liturgy, losing everything, loss, love, loving, maniac mansion, mars, massachusetts, mike tyson's punch-out, mind control, modest mouse, motivation, movies, my amplifier, my wounded heart, myself, networking, not waving but drowning, nothing, old dos programs, older sisters, open source, our lady peace, pain, peace, people who hurt, philip k. dick, philosophy, pi, poetry, psychology, psychosis, rabbits, radiohead, reading, reading what you write, recording, rice, running away, sci-fi, screaming, self control, self-denial, self-sacrifice, sex, sexuality, sin, sleep, smashing pumpkins, social gospel, sociology, solitude, star trek, star wars, technology, the 13th floor, the appleseed cast, the arcade fire, the bliss point, the get up kids, the mars trilogy, the royal we, the violent femmes, theology, thought, tongues, ultra-violence, upright citizens brigade, valis, violence, whispering, words, worrying, worthy use of leisure, writing, x-files, you, younger sisters, zero, zombies